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A professional headshot on your LinkedIn profile makes a significant difference in the overall success of a profile. Need LinkedIn headshots? We can help!

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Creating a perfect LinkedIn profile is more than just thoroughly describing your work experience and listing accomplishments, awards, or testimonials. Your profile also needs a professional headshot if you want to expand your network, maximize business opportunities, and elevate your career. Most eyes often land on the visual components immediately before reading any text on your profile.

They say that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But, on LinkedIn, you’re first judged by your profile picture, and our brains are naturally wired to make snap judgments within a few seconds of seeing an image. This means the quality of the LinkedIn headshots you use can be a deal-breaker. You have to ensure they create a strong first impression.

Not convinced yet? Well, here are some of the key benefits of professional LinkedIn headshots.

Symbolizes authenticity

If you’re recognizable from your picture and it portrays you as professional and approachable, then you set the perfect tone for potential opportunities. Strangers on LinkedIn will start trusting you and request connections. A profile without a photo is often deemed fake, and many people won’t waste their time clicking on your name.

Make your profile more appealing

Profiles with authentic pictures are more appealing. They are 21 times more likely to be viewed and nine times more likely to receive connection requests than those without photos. Employers looking for your services might filter you out, assuming you’re either not an active user or someone clueless.

Boost your LinkedIn engagements

Your headshot will be seen every time you interact with users or show up in a news feed. Using a photo that proves professionalism and competency can significantly increase your number of views, attracting more people to engage with your content and learn from you. The more engagements, the more people will get a better perception of you.

LinkedIn Headshot Photography Services in New Orleans

Need professional LinkedIn headshots to show potential employers that you’re all about quality? Then don’t waste time opening one more tab looking for experienced and most reliable New Orleans Photographers. Here at Riverview Photography, we know your picture says a lot about who you are.

As trusted photographers, we step up to the responsibility of ensuring you present as a professional, completing your perfect profile. We shoot with the first impression factor in mind.

Want headshots that portray friendliness, trustworthiness, likability, and professionalism? We will deliver! Our team will share with you the best tips and tricks and guide you every step of the way to give you the perfect portrait in which you appear as natural as possible.

Other Riverview Photography headshot photography services

Riverview Photography can also help with business headshots, corporate headshots, model headshots, realtor headshots, and acting headshots. Our passionate, skilled, and talented photographers can be trusted to bring out the best in your headshot. We’ve helped many individuals and businesses make a difference; therefore, very confident to welcome your challenge.

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