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Experience attendee engagement at its finest.  There’s no better way to tell your attendees their importance to your brand than showing them their part in the bigger picture! 

Immortalize your appreciation for your attendees in cooperative art piece – a photo mosaic!

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Professional Photo Mosaics Services

A photo mosaic combines hundreds or thousands of smaller photos and arranges them in tiled sections that create a larger target picture. The target photo is usually fully visible when viewed from a distance. From up close, it’s easy to single out the tiny images that form the large composite image.

Are you interested in photo mosaics? We at Riverview Photography produce true photo mosaic masterpieces using a highly advanced tech algorithm with image analysis functions exclusive to our program, which lets us create a beautiful mosaic of photos in real-time.

If you’re hosting an event, incorporating a photo mosaic wall is a fun, interactive, engaging way to take your event to the next level.

Why Photo Mosaics?

Creating artistic expressions

Photo mosaics are works of art. You can create an overall message using the large cohesive portrait that’s made up of different identifiable pieces, which may have a specific artistic, personal meaning that connects with you or your brand.

Long-lasting memories

A photo mosaic wall will give guests a hands-on experience they won’t soon forget. In a physical set-up, each of the guest’s photos is printed as adhesive stickers. Attendees place their stickers on the selected square cells on the mosaic board to create a mosaic of custom photos.

The photos added to the mosaic wall can be fetched from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with a unique hashtag, or taken at an on-site photo booth

Watching their photos create a finished mosaic is so much fun. The unique, interactive nature of this process will bring your guests, employees, and special members together.

Brand exposure

Photo mosaics can go a long away in creating more positive connections to your brand as your guests will keep on spreading the good word about your company.

A brand-specific picture or logo can be integrated with images of all the people that made your event—and your company—special. If you add this wow factor, then people will surely love to take shots of and by the photo mosaics. They are can also share these keepsake photos on social media using their personal or business accounts, further increasing your brand exposure.

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