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Do you need acting headshots for your next acting gig? We can help. We’ve taken thousands of headshots and we can help you too. 

Professional Acting Headshots

Actors looking to catch the attention of casting directors, filmmakers, writers, and talent agents must invest in professional high-quality acting headshots. You have to win the hiring crew with your appearance to give them a reason to look at your resume and showreel. So, it’s fair to say the usual snapshot won’t get you in the door. And if you don’t get the audition, then they’ll never know a unique talent you would bring to their team.

Why you need to have professional acting headshots

Capitalize on the first impression

While you have plenty of marketing tools at your disposal, an acting headshot is arguably the best tool in your arsenal. First impressions count; an impressive headshot will increase your chances of getting noticed. The hiring team will also perceive you as a professional actor at first sight.

Keep in mind the casting directors look at you objectively, so you have to ensure your headshot is not just impressive, but that your personality shines through in it. 

Acting is a highly competitive industry

When applying for an acting job, you should know that the filmmakers and casting directors can receive hundreds or thousands of submissions. Most of the actors you’re competing with already have professional headshots. Without your own, you’re deliberately hurting your chances of getting noticed.

Applications will be sorted out, and the unprofessional, blurry headshots will surely stand no chance. Low-quality photos are quickly put off without a second thought. Only headshots that stand out will be considered for an audition.

Professional acting headshots in New Orleans

If you need stunning acting headshots that reflect the real you in the best light possible, it’s worth paying professional headshot specialists, and Riverview Photography should be your obvious choice.

We are one of the most preferred photographers in New Orleans, well known for helping actors land the roles they’ve dreamt of. We understand how nervous photo shoots can get for actors. With us, you have no reason to feel scared of the outcome.

We’ll guide you throughout the sessions and ensure the headshots exude your personality. Our crew can capture authentic photos that make you stand out from the crowd.

Having worked with several professional actors in the past, we know how difficult it can be for actors to choose their best photos. We’ll go through your images with you and recommend the best ones for the job.

Our other headshot photography services

At Riverview Photography, we also specialize in other types of headshots. We can capture the perfect, eye-catching shot, whether you need corporate headshots, business headshots, LinkedIn headshots, realtor headshots, or model headshots. We have what it takes to beat your quality and purpose expectations. 

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